2nd December 2021

We are happy to welcome you back to our 5th annual AI Forum conference. As we celebrate five years of the AI Forum conferences, we will be looking back at these past few years and giving an overview of how AI has developed and been used in the modern day.

We are delighted to welcome back five of our guest speakers who have helped contribute to the success of the AI Forum over the past five years. Hon. Richard Stearns, Dr Nathaniel Hupert, Dr Miklós Klenanc, Mr Richard Hoskins and Mr Andrew Dolan, will all be giving a presentation on the evolution of artificial intelligence in the modern day in their chosen fields and will offer the chance for the audience to discuss aspects of interest or raise any questions they might have.

The conference is a free online event. All time in Budapest time/CET – Please register here:


14:00-14:15  Welcome and Introduction

14:15-14:45  AI and Public Policy: Key Considerations – Moving ForwardAndrew Dolan, CSNSC, UK

14:45-15:30  AI and the Law: Predictive tools and biasRichard Hoskins (Rtd FBI), USA

15:30-16:15 AI and the Law: The future of the CourtsDr. Miklós Klenanc, PwC legal Budapest, Hungary

16:15-17:00 Responding to Global Pandemics: The Promise of Artificial Intelligence Dr. Nathaniel Hupert, USA

17:00:-17:45 Politics and Governance in the Age of Artificial Intelligence Hon. Richard Stearns, US Courts, Massachusetts, USA

17:45-18:00 Open Forum and Closing addressAndrew Dolan, CSNSC, UK