The Artificial Intelligence Forum Hungary is part of CSNSC’s effort to introduce the subject – in its widest form – into Hungary and provide a platform for discussion, information exchange and collaboration, for all those who consider themselves to be stakeholders in this exciting new field.

    For some time now, it has become apparent that the exploitation of artificial intelligence is a feature of society’s technological development. There are few social, economic, technological or educational initiatives that do not feature some or other application or development of artificial intelligence.

    Some of these developments are extremely positive – for example in the field of medicine and life sciences, through the introduction of innovative driverless cars or improved application in manufacturing and design. Yet critics will argue that such developments are pregnant with negative consequences, including the spectre of misplaced genetics, mass unemployment and greater economic disparity between a small global elite and the rest of mankind. For every advocate of the exploitation of artificial intelligence to reshape man’s destiny is a critic warning of ‘existential risk’.

    CSNSC believes that the best way to better appreciate the opportunities and threats of artificial intelligence and its impact on Hungarian society is to openly discuss what artificial intelligence is, how it might impact everyday life and identify how best to harness its potential safely.

    To this end, CSNSC will seek to use the HAIF as one way to stimulate informed debate on a variety of developments and issues related to artificial intelligence including:

    • What do we mean by artificial intelligence?

    • What could be the potential benefits of controlled artificial intelligence?

    • Highlight the economic implications of the embedding of artificial intelligence throughout a range of economic activities including design, manufacturing, finance, public health, education and training and production

    • Identify the key economic areas which could benefit from the infusion of artificial intelligence-based tools

    • Consider the legal implications of the increase in use of artificial intelligence-based products ranging from cars to autonomous weapon systems

    • Review the longer term implications of the development of synthetic and robotic systems of ‘life’ and the question of ‘rights’

    • Develop a comprehensive philosophical approach to the introduction and subsequent enhancement of artificial intelligence, which takes note of the potential of such developments to significantly impact on humanity and the person

    In order to achieve the above, the Forum will launch and inaugural conference which will, in future years, continue to be an annual flagship event for the discussion of artificial intelligence.

    However, it is intended that the Forum will develop four separate spokes or strands of activity, which hopefully will reinforce the work of the conference and offer a sustainable vehicle for going forward. These ‘spokes’ will include:

    1. Regular postings of public articles, reports and news items relating to artificial intelligence.
    2. The voluntary posting of articles, commentaries and research of partners on key artificial intelligence fields.
    3. The creation of a collaborative research facility, which will encourage partners to identify and seek research funding.
    4. Periodically host small workshops, presentations or lectures to stimulate debate within the artificial intelligence field or to facilitate international collaboration.

    Precisely how this will be shaped and the speed at which it can be implemented will largely depend on the size and composition of the interested parties who will be invited to become Forum Partners.