On Wednesday 19 July 2017, a CSNSC team participated in a day of presentations and conducted a short simulation tabletop exercise in the University’s inaugural EU/Visegrad 4 (V4) Summer School.

The theme of the three presentations was European Security after BREXIT.

The first speaker provided an overview of the likely implications for European Security – both NATO and the EU – as a consequence of BREXIT. Following a historical narrative providing some context for the BREXIT referendum and result, the speaker moved on to address the potential impact this decision might have on current policies to which the V4 states are adherents.


The second presentation looked at European security from the perspective of the states of South East Europe. Speaking on behalf of the RACVIAC Centre based in Croatia, the official provided an excellent overview of the current concerns of all the states in the region and explained how the Centre, through its numerous activities and initiatives, was playing a positive role in seeking to address many of these concerns and generally support the wider effort of building regional trust and confidence.

The final speaker offered a more technical overview on the mechanics of crisis management in preparation for the simulation exercise in which the students were provided with an opportunity to manage a specially designed fictitious ‘crisis’.

Apart from providing a detailed insight into different approaches to crisis management, the speaker offered a number of case studies, which the students could examine in light of the technical features.