Rune Nyrup is a Senior Research Associate at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (an interdisciplinary research centre studying the impacts of artificial intelligence) and the Department History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge. Before coming to Cambridge, he received his PhD in philosophy of science at Durham University in 2017. His current research focuses on epistemological and ethical issues arising from artificial intelligence and related technologies, and on current interdisciplinary efforts to address these e.g. within law, computer science, policy and industry. He has published in both philosophy journals and venues for computer science and interdisciplinary AI ethics. He was also one of the lead authors on major policy report assessing the current state of AI ethics as a field of research, and has provided policy advice to several different committees and organisations within the UK government on the ethics of artificial intelligence.

Selected Publications

  •   Porat, T., Nyrup, R., Calvo, R., Paudyal, P. and Ford, E. forthcoming. “Public Health and RiskCommunication during COVID-19 – Enhancing Psychological Needs to Promote SustainableBehaviour Change”, Frontiers in Public Health 8:573397.
  •   Stanley, D. and Nyrup, R. 2020. “Strategies in Abduction: Generating and Selecting DiagnosticHypotheses”, Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 45(2): 159-178.
  •   Nyrup, R. 2020. “Of Water Drops and Atomic Nuclei: Analogies and Pursuit Worthiness in Science”,British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 71(3): 881-903.
  •   Nyrup, R., Whittlestone, J. and Cave, S. 2020. “Why Value Judgements Should Not Be Automated”,written evidence submitted to UK Government’s Committee on Standards in Public Life’s reviewinto AI and Public Standards.
  •   Whittlestone, J., Nyrup, R., Alexandrova, A. and Cave, S. 2019. “The Role and Limits of Principles inAI Ethics: Towards a Focus on Tensions”, AIES19: Proceedings of the 2019 AAAI/ACM Conference onArtificial Intelligence, Ethics and Society, 195-200.
  •   Whittlestone, J., Nyrup, R., Alexandrova, A., Dihal, K. and Cave, S. 2019. Ethical and SocietalImplications of Algorithms, Data, and Artificial Intelligence, London: Nuffield Foundation.
  •   Cave, S., Nyrup, R., Vold, K. and Weller, A. 2019. “Motivations and Risks of Machine Ethics”,Proceedings of the IEEE 107(3): 562-574.
  •   Nyrup, R. 2015. “How Explanatory Reasoning Justifies Pursuit: A Peircean View of IBE”,Philosophy of Science 82(5): 749-760.Grants and Awards
  •   2019-21: Understanding Medical Black Boxes: A Philosophical Analysis of AI Explainability,Humanities and Social Sciences Seed Award, Wellcome Trust (sole PI).
  •   2015: Graduate Student Essay Prize, European Philosophy of Science Association.Impact and Outreach
  •   Member of the Health and Social Care Advisory Panel, Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, UKGovernment, Sep-Oct 2019.
  •   Provided written and oral evidence on “artificial intelligence and its impact on standards in thepublic sector” to the Committee on Standards in Public Life, UK Government, Jun-Sept 2019.
  •   Organised and led section on Algorithmic Bias at a workshop with the UK Government’s Centre forData Ethics and Innovation, May 2019.
  •   Advised on the ethics of autonomous vehicles for an exhibition at the London Science Museum


(“Driverless: who is in control?”), 2018-19.