• 5 August 2021 – By Andrew Dolan Its that time of the year again when the international community gets together to discuss the potential impact of lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS).

  • By Agnes Martony – 22 July 2021 on CESE Global Summit Hello, good morning, good afternoon. I am grateful for the opportunity to speak to you today on this important topic.

  • By Andrew Dolan 20 July 2021 A studied reflection on current trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the moment would suggest some insightful trends.  These trends are by no means representative of all of the technical developments in the field – but perhaps they do generate some issues, which require elucidation or at least comment.

  • 27 May 2021 – by Andrew Dolan The frenzy of hyperbolic claims about the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on our lives and society in general has abated somewhat.  It would be unfair to hint that we are entering another AI ‘winter’ but it would also be unfair to criticize those who suggest that there has […]

  • 9 April 2021 – by Andrew Dolan I had the opportunity this morning to listen to a healthy debate on the question of so-called ‘Covid Passports’.  At one end, you had a commentator urging the introduction of such a tool:  if the requirement to carry personal data concerning your current health status not only ensured access to […]

  • 2020. augusztus 28. – dr. Martony Ágnes Az elmúlt hónapokban sokszor merült fel a kérdés, hogy a Covid-19 járvány hatására milyen változások következnek be a társadalom életében. A bezártság maga, a szokásos rutin felborulása, illetve annak hiánya sokak számára is belátható következményekkel járhat: az emberek pótszerekhez nyúlhatnak.

  • 30 July 2020 by Andrew Dolan It’s fair to say that proponents of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its broadest sense will have been encouraged by the various references as to how AI has contributed to the global effort to combat the coronavirus. 

  • 2020. május 2. – dr. Martony Ágnes Nagy-Britanniában először 2020. május 5-én fogják elkezdeni használni a korona vírus járvány megállítására kifejlesztett applikációt. A helyszín: Isle of Wight, viszonylag kisszámú lakossággal – az applikációnak a teljes brit lakosságra való kiterjesztése ennek a próbaüzemnek a sikerétől függ.

  • 5 May 2020 – by Andrew Dolan The journal ‘WIRED’ ran a feature on 25 January this year entitled ‘An AI Epidemiologist Sent the First Warnings of the Wuhan Virus’.  The story recounted how a specialist ‘health monitoring platform’ in Canada used a particular AI supported system, named ‘BlueDot’, to provide early warning of the pandemic […]

  • by Richard Hoskins

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