Artificial Intelligence

  • AGENDA ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FORUM HUNGARY 2020 1 & 2 December 2020 DAY 1:  1 DECEMBER 2020 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND PANDEMICS 15:00-15:15  Welcome and Introduction – Andrew Dolan, CSNSC UK 15:15-15:45  AI Ethics in 2020: Where are we now, and where next – Rune Nyrup, Cambridge University 15:45-16:15   The AI Contribution to Managing Covid-19:  Modeling  and Prediction – Dr. Nathaniel Huppert, […]

  • Nagy-Britanniában először 2020 május 5-én fogják elkezdeni használni a korona vírus járvány megállítására kifejlesztett applikációt. A helyszín: Isle of Wight, viszonylag kisszámú lakossággal – az applikációnak a teljes brit lakosságra való kiterjesztése ennek a próbaüzemnek a sikerétől függ.

  • by Richard Hoskins

  • “If mankind’s so-called technological progress were to become an enemy of the common good, this would lead to an unfortunate regression to a form of barbarianism dictated by the law of the strongest.”..

  • 4th December 2019 Budapest WELCOME AND INTRODUCTION Andrew DOLAN – Welcome and introduction SESSION 1: THE IMPACT OF AI ON LEGAL SYSTEMS, STRUCTURES AND SERVICE dr. Miklós KLENANC PwC, Hungary: What will be the consequences of artificial intelligence for the legal profession – storm in a teacup?” – Slides/ Audio file to listen Hon. Richard […]

  • 4th December 2019 – Budapest

  • Reading Stuart Russell’s new book, ‘Human Compatible’, which ventures into the depths of superhuman machine intelligence, I was reminded of an earlier work of science fiction, which addressed humanity’s interface with non-human intelligence. John Wyndham’s ‘The Kraken Wakes’, a typical 1950s science fiction thriller, the global community is facing up to a threat from the […]

  • A recent article in ‘Wired’, entitled ‘Silicon Valley’s Secret Philosophers Should Share Their Work’, by Alexis Papazoglou, stirred my interest. I was as curious as the author to learn how so-called ‘tech giants’ embed philosophers and ethicists into their programmes – how they are recruited, their experience or skill sets and crucially, what they do […]

  • Many years ago, the political theorist Hannah Arendt, wrote a compelling account of the impact of modernity on the human race entitled ‘The Human Condition: A study of the Central Dilemmas Facing Modern Man.”  If nothing else, the book was prescient: it commented on the potentially negative impact of science and technology on both the individual […]

  • RESEARCH PROPOSAL The implication of the continuing evolution of artificial intelligence for society has yet to be fully appreciated in Hungary.  That does not imply that people are totally unfamiliar with the basic contours of machine intelligence but rather that how it might be used and what the potential consequences might be.   Indeed, there has been […]


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